Please Help Save the Wolves!

Please Help Save the Wolves!
The northern rockies wolves need your help to keep federal protections in place. If Bush's plan goes through, these wolves will be be delisted, and consequently treated as "Big Game." It took years to bring wolves back from extinction. Please do your part and sign the petition by clicking the link below. Let the U.S. Fish and Game know what the wolf means to you.

The Defenders of Wildlife is also fighting to keep the Bald Eagle under Federal Protection. These are two magnificent creatures and I will fight for their cause. I hope you do too. Thank you!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Man, I so want to see this movie.

Face it, I just love Nicholas Cage!!!! Even if the movie was a dud I would go watch it just to see Nicholas Cage in action. I love a good action adventure movie anyway, which is my favorite type of movie to watch. I have seen the reviews and the special effects just look awesome. I have heard the movie will scare the pants off of ya, so don't take your kids to see it. If anyone has gone to see Ghost Rider I would sure like to hear what you thought of the movie in general, and the special effects. It will probably take months to come to a theater near me..... DANG! One of the bad points of living in a small town.... what can I say?
Update: I got an e-mail last night from one of my So. Ca. friends, Mark. He and Sherri saw the movie and Mark said it was great! Much better than the movie clips on the Ghost Rider web site. Once again I trust the judgement of my friends and say, go see it!
Update 9-4-07: I bought this movie. The special effects are awesome! I didn't realize that Sam Elliot was also in this movie. Two of my favorite male actors in one movie? It just doesn't get any better than that. I hope they make a sequel.

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