Please Help Save the Wolves!

Please Help Save the Wolves!
The northern rockies wolves need your help to keep federal protections in place. If Bush's plan goes through, these wolves will be be delisted, and consequently treated as "Big Game." It took years to bring wolves back from extinction. Please do your part and sign the petition by clicking the link below. Let the U.S. Fish and Game know what the wolf means to you.

The Defenders of Wildlife is also fighting to keep the Bald Eagle under Federal Protection. These are two magnificent creatures and I will fight for their cause. I hope you do too. Thank you!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lady V's Beads n' Things

The winter is fast approaching. Puppies are almost all gone..... 5 down and 1 to go and he should be leaving by the weekend. I needed a winter project so have taken up beadwork and making semi-precious gemstone jewelry. I have added a new blog site where I have pictures of the jewelry that I have made and will be adding more as it is made. I have 4 craft fairs coming up within the next 2 weeks so I am busily crafting away.

If anyone has any questions or wants more info on the jewelry, shoot me an email.